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Aromatic Oil Massage
The powerful emollient properties of organic olive, jojoba, and flaxseed oil create the base of this treatment. Tune into to your sensory and muscular needs and select from Taio Tea Blend, nurturing Mandarin, or any essential oil to create a purposeful treatment.  Immerse yourself in the aromas while nourishing organic oils transfer the benefits of these essential oils to your skin. (included in any deep tissue or sports massage)


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Swedish Massage
A gentle massage to relieve stress and promote circulation from head to toe.
30 Minutes $40 - 60 Minutes $60 - 90 Minutes $85
Deep Tissue Massage
A moderate to firm pressure massage designed to release knots, reduce chronic pain, and decrease healing time from injury.  
30 Minutes $45 -60 Minutes $65 - 90 Minutes $90- 120 Minutes $120
Pregnancy Massage
Congratulations!  Ease tired muscles, reduce stress, and feel comfortable in your own skin again.  Massage while pregnant can be the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby.  (Not recommended during first trimester)
30 Minutes $45- 60 Minutes $65- 90 Minutes $90
Hot Stone Massage
A relaxing massage combining the deep soothing heat of stone therapy and the rejuvenating stress relief of massage.
60 Minutes $65 - 90 Minutes $90
Tui-Na with Acupressure
Uses little to no oil and can be performed with some or all clothes in place. Makes use of many different strokes that are applied to acu-points, channels, and muscle groups to release tension, decrease pain, and improve emotional energy.
30 Minutes $45 - 60 Minutes $65 - 90 Minutes $90
Medical or Sports Massage
Therapeutic work designed to specifically address chronic pain or injury.   Speed your recovery time, improve flexibility and range of motion all while receiving a firm massage geared towards releasing excessively tight muscles.
30 Minutes $45 - 60 Minutes $65 - 90 Minutes $90- 120 Minutes $120
Foot Massage
Restore balance to your body from the ground up. Add Hot Stones for $5.
20 Minutes- $30

Goal oriented massage to treat body specific medical conditions. TMJ, joint replacement, rotator-cuff injuries, postural changes.  Improves range of motion while applying medium pressure.  
30 Minutes $45- 60 Minutes $65