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Massage Services

Swedish Massage

A gentle massage to relieve stress and promote circulation from head to toe.

30 Minutes $45 - 60 Minutes $65 - 90 Minutes $90

Deep Tissue Massage

A moderate to firm pressure massage designed to release knots, reduce chronic pain, and decrease healing time from injury.

30 Minutes $45 -60 Minutes $70 - 90 Minutes $95- 120 Minutes $125


Goal oriented massage to treat body specific medical conditions. TMJ, joint replacement, rotator-cuff injuries, postural changes. Improves range of motion while applying medium pressure.

30 Minutes $45- 60 Minutes $70

Pregnancy Massage

Congratulations! Ease tired muscles, reduce stress, and feel comfortable in your own skin again. Massage while pregnant can be the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. (Not recommended during first trimester, unless Dr. Approved)

30 Minutes $45- 60 Minutes $70- 90 Minutes $95

Sports Massage

Therapeutic work designed to specifically address chronic pain or injury. Speed your recovery time, improve flexibility and range of motion all while receiving a firm massage geared towards releasing excessively tight muscles.

30 Minutes $45 - 60 Minutes $70 - 90 Minutes $95- 120 Minutes $125

Hot Stone Massage

A relaxing massage combining the deep soothing heat of basalt stones both placed on tight spots and used   

manually to relieve tension throughout the body.  Enjoy this rejuvenating massage and let your stress melt away.

60 Minutes $70 - 90 Minutes $95


Through the application of fire warmed or silicon suction, cupping has been used for the past 2500 years!  Decrease pain and improve range of motion, also reduces the presence of scar tissue after injury or surgery.  Reduce inflammation from an acute sprain or strain and speed your recovery.

$20.00 for a 20 min session

Excellent, amazing massage - professional & very knowledgeable!

As a professional athlete, I need keep my body healthy and relaxed as much as possible. I go in very frequently for massages to ensure that I can continue to compete at the highest level. Traveling the country and training hard means I put my body through a lot, and being a full time college student adds stress and other things into the equation. I look forward to each and every massage because of how great and knowledgeable Cacey is. She keeps me at the top of my game!

Casey Hildebrandt, Cyclo-cross Athlete

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